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Are you looking into Swiss Banks or Secret Accounts? Offshore Banking? Foreign Bank Accounts?  Would you like to have anonymous bank account?

Liberator Art Brand (LAB) has a better alternative. You can accomplish more, faster and easier with LAB art ownership than you ever could with Swiss banks (or with any other bank accounts).

Before explaining an easy LAB solution to these objectives, let us clarify some facts:

    There is no longer such a thing as secret or anonymous bank accounts. There was a short period in history when it was available in a few countries, but mostly it's movie imagination. Presently, banks in all countries are regulated and need to have records of account holder identity at the very minimum. Starting in 2014 in the USA (other countries may follow), foreign bank accounts ownership became next to impossible. Foreign bank accounts are still perfectly legal, but the American government forced foreign banks to disclose all of their US citizen owned accounts, and US citizens must disclose all accounts where they have signature authority. Big foreign banks were obviously not too pleased about these requirements, and in order to avoid them, they decided to cancel and no longer open accounts for US citizens. No US bank account owners means no reporting. While US citizens may still be able to have accounts with some smaller banks which do not have any dealings with the USA, they will still be obligated to report to the IRS all foreign accounts if combine total is more than $10,000.
LAB solution:

LAB art was invented to provide an easy, inexpensive, fast, and practical solution to preserve and grow their clients’ holdings, regardless of potential troubles ahead.

LAB art ownership is better than any bank account. It's more flexible and comes with automatic funds protection from just about everything.

Here are just some of the LAB benefits you may find useful:
•    Ownership can be used as your protected, private international bank account.
•    Easy worldwide money accessibility and transferability.
•    Full ownership privacy and anonymity.
•    World’s best financial protection from just about everything and anybody.
•    No government reporting or regulations.

 LAB's art comes with a 10 Year Money Back Worldwide Return Guarantee as well as many other free benefits.

All Funds invested in LAB art products become automatically protected from lawsuits, relatives, creditors, states, criminals, economic crises, world conflicts, etc., at no additional cost. Investments stay liquid and available worldwide, while no third party can benefit from them.

 For more information and details, please read Now You CAN Be Prepared for Anything (press link here).

Feel free to browse this website and to contact us directly. Please, take your time to make sure you understand how great LAB can be for you.