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It is not a secret to anyone that the world’s political and economic situations are in bad shape, and could potentially get worse. The United States is still economically and politically the best country and the US Dollar is still the world's dominating currency. However, there are many signals indicating that even the USA will experience very hard times in a near future. Threats of more wars and terrorism loom more than ever. Most of us who understand history and are aware of what is going on in the world feel frustrated and helpless.  Americans no longer believe that they can control their future, or even maintain their current standard of living.

Due to cheating, lying, and self-serving politicians, we, the people, end up suffering the most. Do you realize that almost everything our governments do make things worse? It does not matter what their supposed intentions are, what party is in power, or what they promise. Results are almost always are worse than before. They keep ignoring real problems and diverting attention to little non-issues.

Current legal procedures, policies and regulations disproportionately target and punish the middle-class and semi-rich individuals. Politicians say they are for the middle-class, but their actions tell a different story. Even their "good intentions" of raising the minimum wage will devastate most of us, especially the people who depend on their savings to live on after retirement. In the politician’s twisted logic, they want the US dollar to fall so they can more easily afford to keep paying for increasing national debts. For the same reason, they keep interest rates very low, adversely affecting retirees and others who rely on interest income. The fools do not even realize or care that they are destroying our country and helping our enemies and adversaries. Countries like Iran, China, and Russia are working very hard to dethrone the US dollar. If the US dollar loses its premier world currency status, we will a face huge problem. Nobody can bail us out. Greece’s collapse would look like a paradise.  The government's own experts keep shouting that these policies are not sustainable. But, our politicians and press keep chasing climate change and other unimportant, non-pressing issues. Prices on necessities such as food, housing, and medical costs are going through the roof. Of course, it is a lot easier to "solve" climate change than the unemployment or health care crisis. You can always claim success - claims are easy and un-checkable.

No wonder people feel mad, frustrated, and helpless. We work all our lives trying to achieve financial security. Unfortunately, our gains can evaporate due to lawsuits, taxes, medical bills, creditors, currency devaluation, economic or political troubles, etc. Bank accounts, safety deposits, stocks, and properties are all vulnerable. Potential losses can be huge and even total. Until now, only the super rich could afford to be prepared to ride out these eventualities.    

Wouldn't it be great if we, the people, could protect and keep at least portion of our money no matter what happens? After all, it is our money.

Fortunately, there is finally an easy way for anyone to protect, preserve, and even grow their money.  You can even decide for yourself how much money you want to protect.

Liberator Art Brand (LAB) offers a stress-free, inexpensive solution to make sure that a portion of your assets will be shielded from others and available to you anywhere in the world, no matter what will happen in the future. Amounts can be a few thousand dollars or millions - you decide.

  • LAB's solution is so simple and easy that some people prematurely assume that it is too good to be true, there has to be a catch, it can't be legal, or it has to be a scam.  These feelings are completely understandable and predictable. People naturally feel suspicious of information about simple solutions to problems that are considered to be complicated or unsolvable. People tend to jump to conclusions (usually the wrong ones) before they fully understand the issue.
  • The genius of LAB's solution is that it is very simple and easy to understand by anyone. All it takes is a look outside the box. This may take some time (from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on the individual), but a look is all it takes. There is no need for special knowledge or education. Just take your time to understand and appreciate what a great opportunity LAB can be for you. You can contact LAB with any questions, but first checkout the "Help" and "FAQ" sections on their website, LiberatorArt.com.  LAB has no fine print and is a transparent company; everything important is disclosed and explained.

LAB art was invented to provide an easy, inexpensive, fast, and practical solution to preserve and grow their clients’ holdings, regardless of potential troubles ahead. LAB products perfectly combine the best elements of brand stability, assets protection, return guarantee, and eternity of art in order to achieve these objectives. Part of LAB's main charter is to protect and preserve LAB's clients’ money.

All LAB art products come with a 10 Year Money Back Worldwide Return Guarantee. LAB art investors enjoy unlimited profit potentials, while their losses can never exceed 20%. LAB absorbs all the risk associated with investing in fine art, and passes a 40% profit onto LAB art buyers/investors. You can easily archive a double-digit yearly return on this feature alone, while enjoying the comfort of ensuring your family's continued prosperity. Your LAB art should also appreciate in value significantly over time. For just 25% of the art product’s list price, you can secure its full ownership, protection, appreciation, and profit sharing benefits.

All Funds invested in LAB art products become automatically protected from lawsuits, relatives, creditors, states, criminals, economic crises, world conflicts, etc., at no additional cost. Investments stay liquid and available worldwide, while no third party can benefit from them.

Liberator Art Brand art ownership presents a unique solution to many difficult and previously insurmountable problems. It is just as simple as buying any other product. The whole process takes only minutes, and there are no additional expenses of any kind. Make sure to check out the many other advantages LAB art ownership offers.

Understanding of LAB is very simple. Just take your time!

LAB is an art investment and art product manufacturing company. LAB investment division supports, promotes, manages, and invests in talented emerging artists as well as well-known artists. Once an artist is selected, LAB will typically commit to invest tens of thousands of dollars (up to $500K) in the artist’s work and help to promote him/her. Investment funds come directly from LAB and outside art investors. LAB will continue purchasing and selling the artist's pieces at increasing prices, to help stimulate and create demand for this artist’s works. LAB’s objective is to help the artist achieve significant popularity, create a market for his/her art, and command high prices.

LAB Manufacturing Division produces exclusive art products based on originals LAB owns, as well as their own creations. LAB's clients purchase LAB's products. All LAB products come with a 10 Year Money Back Worldwide Return Guarantee. Clients may purchase LAB products for many reasons: they want to, for bragging rights, they hope it will appreciate in value, they have 10 years to decide if they want to keep it, and for the great financial protection it offers.

Besides LAB's unprecedented return policy, everything else is common business practice. Free financial protection is just a by-product of LAB's return guarantee. Unique benefits that LAB offers to its clients are just that - benefits granted at the company's sole discretion, just as one may benefit from credit card points or membership benefits.  

LAB art products are legally just products and not your "assets".  Initially, they have no market resale value. No third party can financially benefit from the LAB's art product possession because LAB’s return obligation is only to the artwork's registered owner. LAB art may become an asset in a future, but this will not happen for many years. Until it becomes an asset or you make a profit from its ownership, there should be no additional taxes, regulations, disclosures, legal compliances, or any other limitations.  The registered LAB art owner is free to transfer his or her ownership to anybody else at any time, making it possible to own LAB artworks with complete privacy and anonymity.

 Profit Making Opportunities for LAB Art Owners

  1. Owners can benefit directly from future sales of their own LAB artworks. LAB intends to build up the LAB brand and create a vibrant market demand for their art products. They want to make LAB art a very desirable commodity. Their aim is to create a significant value appreciation for their clients, so they keep their LAB art longer than the 10-year return period and be able to sell the art in the open market for a substantial profit.
  2. Owners of LAB original copies will benefit proportionally from the future sale of the original artwork. 40% profit from the future sale of original art will be paid to those who own corresponding LAB artworks.
  3. Owners of standard LAB art products will receive proportional shared profits from future group sales of LAB owned and produced originals. 40% profit from future sales of original art will be proportionately distributed to owners of standard LAB art products.
  4. In addition to profit making opportunities, LAB art buyers can realize huge money savings due to LAB protections. Money saved is money earned.

 Protections for LAB Art Owners

  1. LAB is obligated to hold in trust accounts 80% of total amount it would need to cover all eligible art returns. Losses for art owners can never exceed 20%.
  2. Values of sold artworks are protected by LAB's art continuing rising sale prices; guaranteed by trust cash reserves and original art holdings.
  3. All invested amounts are automatically protected from all kinds of dangers. This superb feature can guarantee your family continues to enjoy financial prosperity. Investments are protected from lawsuits, relatives, partners, creditors, criminals, economic problems, political turmoil, and more. Only the registered artwork owner is entitled to benefits, return privileges, and profit sharing. No third party can claim ownership without proper ownership transfer, per LAB procedure. Transfer is easy and can be done at any time by the registered owner.
  4. LAB art ownership offers superb privacy protections.  LAB art products can be owned confidentially, privately, or anonymously. Ownership can be transferred at any time, be time-locked, or be scheduled to be transferred in the future. Ownership records do not need to contain private client information.
  5. In the future, LAB plans to offer its clients the option of selecting the currency and world locations in which they want LAB to keep funds to cover their art return option. These features can minimize the risks associated with relying on one single currency and one country.


 Risks for LAB Art Owners

Before we get in to the details of the risks associated with acquiring and holding LAB art products, let’s clarify some facts and realities.  

  • Our lives are full of risks. Even ordinary activities such as going to bed or crossing the street involve some risk. People keep risking their hard-earned savings in business ventures and investments, trying to improve their financial future. They would be pleased to get just a 10% return on their money, while losses can be 30%, 50%, 70%, or even 100%.
  • Our common-day investments such stocks and insurance policies have a lot of risks. We, the people, are programmed (or even brainwashed) by the media, so-called experts, and even ourselves to ignore and not to think clearly when it comes to common day investments. Take stocks for example. In many cases, it amounts to gambling. People lose fortunes every day in the stock market. They blindly put their trust in some stockbroker and calmly comment that they only lost 15% this month. We are programmed to think that it is normal and we go on doing the same things. Markets go up and they go down. It’s cyclical and mostly artificial.  The main reason stock market is rising is because there is nowhere else for investors to put their money and make a decent return. Then, some bad news or event spooks the market and your losses in one day can be more than you managed to make in many years.
  • We rely on lawyers and experts, but they only giving us their professional opinions - not facts or results. You can spend a fortune on lawyers and still lose in court. Add together your lawyer fees, court cost, time, and money you lost - that's what you really can call a bad investment. The obvious conclusion should be that if you can avoid lawyers, you are making lots of money.
  • We can never be fully protected from dishonest and crooked individuals. It does not matter where you invest or to whom you trust your money. If individuals are willing to break the law, steal, cheat, lie, or rob, you can lose your money. Even if you do all the right things with due diligence. It happens even with the safest companies such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, lawyer firms, and more. If you find these facts hard to believe, just check out CNBC true series American Greed (You will learn a lot and it's a great show.  Link:  http://www.cnbc.com/live-tv/american-greed/full-episode/in-harm%E2%80%99s-way/496155203605).
  • Even governments can steal your money. They may, in fact, be the worst, because they make the rules and have unlimited resources compare to any individual or company.
  • All these listed risks do not even include natural disasters (or acts of god), wars, and other events outside our control.
  • The only "good" thing about losses, that they are normally tax deductable. If losses are due to crime, you could deduct them all at ones, while investment losses (capital losses) are limited per year or have to be written off against capital gain profits.  


Well, enough with depressing information. Let's talk now how LAB can help you greatly improve your odds of achieving sustainable financial prosperity with low risk.

Part of LAB's main charter is to protect and preserve their art owners’ money. LAB does not involve itself in political, ethical, fairness, moral, or any other issues. For LAB, it is simple: they will do their best to protect the interests of LAB's art registered owners. All guarantees and benefits are only for them and no third party can or should benefit from the client’s ownerships. Owners can transfer ownership at will, sell, or gift their ownership rights to other individuals. LAB has a sophisticated security info-structure and procedures to establish true ownership and prevent fraudulent and under duress transfers.

Part of LAB art ownership advantages is that LAB art is a product and not an asset. It should not be considered part of your estate for years to come. Once you purchase a product, any product, legally and practically the money is gone, it is no longer your money. In fact, it is not even LAB's money. This money (80% of it) is kept in trust for the duration of the return guarantee period, to cover the possibility of an art return. By this simple fact, it would be next to impossible for a third party to benefit from your LAB art ownership. If the LAB art owner is in fear that he/she will be forced to transfer their ownership, he/she can protect themselves by transferring their ownership to somebody else, or time-lock the ownership record for a set period of time. The time-lock period can be days or years and would make it impossible for anyone to see or change ownership. Ownership transfer can be completely private and even anonymous, since the identity of a new owner cannot be verified and is not required.

With LAB, the most you can lose is 20%. LAB is obligated to hold in trust accounts 80% of funds it would need to repay all eligible LAB art owners -  enough money to cover all returns. The same rule would apply in the unlikely event of LAB going out of business.

For additional convenience, affordability, and safety, LAB allows LAB art buyers secure its full ownership, protection, appreciation, and profit sharing benefits for as little as 25% of the art product list price. This way, for just 25% out of pocket expenses, buyers get the option of 100% ownership, benefits, protections, and profits.

The additional money convenience, safety, worldwide availability, and protection you can get from LAB art ownership are priceless and invaluable.  To help you better visualize LAB's potential value, let's examine one of the worst possible scenarios:

You have to leave your country due to some personal, legal, political, or economic event. Due to circumstances outside of your control, you lost or cannot gain access to your bank accounts and other assets. Your assets might be largely diminished, frozen, or worthless. You may not even have your passport. Problems can occur anywhere and when you least expect them.
    What would you do?   You would be completely helpless and destitute.   Right?
Not if you owned Liberator Art Brand art. During the 10 year return guarantee period, LAB art owners can return their art and receive the full amount due to them (net 80% of their art's cost. 100% - 20% return fee). Return can be accomplished anywhere in the world, even without physical art possession and government identification. The art owner would be able to receive funds via LAB's local affiliate, bank, or local attorney. Once your LAB art ownership established, which can be done via LAB's website, LAB will shortly send emergency funds of up to $9,900 to you. The rest of the funds will be sent after LAB's security department confirms your ownership claim.

The most common advice given by financial advisers is to diversify. It is obviously very wise advice, since any financial planning must be based on increasing your chances of future financial survival. LAB's art ownership offers areas, levels, and versatilities of protection, that others cannot. It would be only common sense to put a portion of your assets in LAB art products.

LAB could become the best friend you ever had, and investing in LAB art one of the best decisions you ever made.


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