Main LAB Benefits:

  • 10 Year Worldwide Money Back Return Guarantee. Owners have 10 years to decide if they want to keep their art or they can choose to return it at anytime from anywhere in the world. (up to 20% return fee may apply.)
  • The Best Financial Protection for Free. All Funds invested in LAB art pieces become immediately protected from lawsuits, relatives, creditors, criminals, bad regimes, and even economic and political crises.
  • Art can be owned anonymously and ownership can be transferred to anyone else at any time. Ownership can be locked for any period of time. Ownership transfer can be scheduled for any future date.
  • LAB Art could be a wonderful hedge against currency devaluation. Return funds can be guaranteed in any major world currency.
  • LAB offers free artwork replacement and value protection in the event of theft, loss, or destruction.
  • Only registered owners are entitled to benefits. (Nobody else can benefit from artwork possession or from its benefits).
  • For only 25% out of pocket cost, individuals can benefit from 100% art ownership and 100% financial protection, by using up to 75% - no qualifying loan with LAB art as sole security.

Additional LAB's art ownership benefits:

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