How People Can Protect and Preserve Their Money by Investing In LAB Arts

 Please read the following information to see how simple it can be, and how and why it works.

It may require a little out of the box thinking.


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How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Protect Your Money in a Lawsuit

How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Protect Your Money In Case Of Economic, Legal, or Political Crisis

How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Protect Your Money In Case Of Crime

How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Provide Emergency Funds Anywhere in the World 


Note: Liberator Art Brand can only protect money invested in our art. We cannot directly protect other assets like real estate, stocks, and other property.



It is our duty to collaborate with the proper government officials in case of certain criminal investigations with proper court orders. Information we provide shall be limited to the individual in question and nobody else. We can only provide information we have at that time. Information we provide may or may not be useful, since we may not have the relevant information, our history records are limited, and owners can change their information or transfer ownership to others at any time.

Our guarantees and benefits that may be used for asset protection purposes are a by-product of our main product offering, which is our own brand art manufacturing. All benefits and guarantees are provided free of charge to our art owners. Financial benefits and protections people receive from using our products are just a by-product. We do not make any money on it; we are just passing benefits through to our customers. Legally we do not endorse or recommend anything other than buying our brand of artwork.

Liberator Art Brand corporation and all of our employees, officers, owners, directors, vendors, representatives and associates are not promoting, endorsing, recommending, or providing legal advice and do not guarantee anything related to legal and money protection issues. All of these individuals and others must be held harmless in all legal actions. Any information provided here, on our website, and in literature appearing to be of legal, financial, or protection nature is hypothetical and represents opinions, not necessarily facts. It is our company policy and intention to always abide by the law of the land.

Liberator Art Brand corporation is an art manufacturing company. We do not give, provide, or promote any legal, financial, economic, or any other advice, opinions, or expertise. People should seek their own legal and professional expert advice. Any information provided by our company, employees, owners, directors, vendors, representatives, or associates that appears to be of legal, political, economic, or expert opinion that is not directly related to our core art manufacturing business or our policies and benefits, should be treated as collection of general information, private opinions, and possibly even fiction - similar to the way one would legally treat a novel.

What do we mean by “by-product” and what is the difference legally? It is as if somebody developed a treatment for baldness and discovered that their product may cure some forms of cancer. In medicine, it happens all the time. Product manufacturers would not sell this product as a cancer cure, but they still can benefit if people and doctors use it for that purpose.


Let's examine how one can protect their money in the case of legal, economic, or political crisis.

We all can use a Safe Financial Exit Plan - just in case.

What do we mean by “Safe Financial Exit Plan”? A plan, and execution strategy which will enable you to walk away from the worst case scenario with sufficient money and other financial resources so that you can start over.

Can you start over if you lose everything, or if you lose more than you can afford to? Why take that chance?

Liberator Art Brand art ownership can be your ideal Safe Financial Exit Plan.


How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Protect Your Money in a Lawsuit


See our disclaimer and make sure to check with your own experts.

In America, anybody can sue anybody. We have to face reality and assume that we may get sued, and be aware that we could lose. With our expensive legal system, even if you win you lose.

Courts can reach almost everywhere. They are even able to break trusts and corporate protections.

Until now there where very limited options to protect money from courts. You can stash some money under the mattress, bury it, or put it in a safe deposit box or storage. These are far from ideal options, due to the many potential hazards and impossibility of remote access (access from outside your immediate area).

Liberator Art Brand art ownership can be uniquely suited to these tremendous challenges, among others. We provide number of possible solutions. Our solutions can be used in combination with others, at your own discretion. We of course do not encourage, recommend, suggest, or profit from any of them.

Here we will outline and clarify some of our benefits, related facts, legal realities, practical actions, legal opinions, personal opinions, and common sense solutions.

      Benefits, facts, and results that apply:

Fact: LAB can only provide information it has. Obviously, if we do not have information, we cannot provide it.

Fact/Benefit: LAB art ownership can be completely private. An individual can choose to provide their I.D. information to us for additional identification purposes, but it is not required. We identify owners by emails, passwords, recognition pictures, and secret phrases. The owner can change their art ownership record at any time.

Fact: LAB, along with the banks we do business with, does keep records of payment transactions.

Fact/Benefit: Our policies and benefits provide for protection of registered (real) owners. We promise our benefits and guarantees exclusively to them and nobody else. We are not legally obligated to anybody but to the registered, true owner.

Fact/Benefit: We will cancel any individual art if the owner reports it lost, stolen, or destroyed. Once canceled it cannot be undone.

Fact/Benefit: When art is purchased, the owner may choose to use our storage service and not take physical possession of the art. The owner is free to take possession at some later date. He/she is still entitled to receive all benefits. This way, nobody will be able to see that it is in your ownership.

Benefit: The owner is free to transfer their ownership at any time. LAB is not involved in this transaction; we only can record the final transfer. We should have some record of a new owner, but we have no way of knowing if the information provided corresponds to the person's legal identity. The new owner chooses what information they will provide to us.

Benefit: The owner can take advantage of our Time-Lock feature. The owner can choose to lock their ownership record for any time period. Once locked, it cannot be opened by anybody until the lock period ends. This includes the owner themselves as well as LAB employees.


1. Once a purchase has been made, the funds no longer belong to the buyer. They become property of LAB corporation just like in any other product sale transaction. Legally the buyer is no longer entitled to get his/her money back. We do grant him/her, as a new art owner, a right of return for a given piece of art per our rules, with applicable fees. This right is given exclusively to the owner or to the next legitimate owners of this art.

2. Even courts usually cannot order third parties to return money for legal purchases.

3. Courts cannot demand that third parties extend to somebody else any benefits they offer to their customers.

4. When an individual buys our art and becomes the registered owner of that art, we grant that individual, and nobody else, certain benefits and guarantees. Our policy specifically forbids us to extend our benefits and guarantees to third parties. Our policy calls for us to protect our art owners’ interests and investment in our artworks from any threats and in all cases.

5. The registered owner can at any time transfer his or her ownership to somebody else. LAB may or may not have correct new ownership information. The matter may become even more complicated for the plaintiff if this new owner transfers ownership to somebody else.

6. LAB as a company will resist any disclosure of any third party records. Even if we were somehow forced to disclose a current ownership record, we can only disclose information we have, which may be not sufficient to discover a new owner's true identity.

Conclusion: Given all the information provided here, it should be clear that Liberator Art Brand art ownership can fairly easily and without extra expense protect any money invested in our art from lawsuits.


How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Protect Your Money In Case Of Economic, Legal, or Political Crisis


To help you visualize how this can be accomplished very easily with Liberator Art Brand art ownership, let's examine one of the worst possible scenarios:

You have to leave your country due to some personal, legal, political, or economic event. Due to circumstances outside of your control, you lost or cannot get to your bank accounts and other assets. Your assets might be largely diminished, frozen, or worthless. You may not even have your passport. Consider, for example, the situation in Syria and Iraq. Problems can occur when you least expect them.

What would you do? You would be completely helpless and destitute. Right?

Not if you owned Liberator Art Brand art. Our customers can benefit from emergency LAB art ownership recovery. In case of emergency, during the 10 year return guarantee period, LAB art owners can receive up to the full protected value (80% of their art’s cost) anywhere in a world, even without physical art possession and government identification. We will handle all the arrangements. The art owner would be able to receive funds via our local affiliate or local attorney. Once we establish your ownership credential, which can be done via our website, we will send emergency funds to you (up to $9,900). The rest of the funds can be sent later, after our security department confirms your ownership claim.

                         * Additional transaction and handling fees may apply.

Conclusion: This can be an invaluable service with no other alternatives available, and it is absolutely free for LAB art owners.



How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Protect Your Money In Case Of Crime (And May Even Prevent It)


There are normally two types of crimes associated with art theft:

1. Basic theft, when art is stolen.

2. Extortion, when the owner or their loved ones are threatened.


The first one is very easy and straightforward to deal with. Since possession does not guarantee ownership, per our rules, the thief would not be able to benefit from it. The owner can get a free replacement or the equivalent of return value.

To handle the second scenario, we built in a number of safety features. An owner under duress can pretend to be compliant, but can signal our security detection with a pre-setup false email address during the art transfer or return procedure. In this case, everything would continue to appear to be normal to the extortionist, but a silent alarm and our security procedure would be activated and authorities may be contacted. Chances are very good that the criminals would not be able to benefit from their crime.

Since this is our public policy and a well-known fact, these types of crimes shall be prevented and avoided.



How Liberator Art Brand Art Ownership Can Provide Emergency Funds Anywhere in the World and Minimize the Need for Foreign Bank Accounts.


In today's world, having a foreign bank account has become more difficult, more expensive, and involves more regulations and disclosures. These simple facts make it almost impossible for individuals to have financial privacy or to be able to shield a portion of their assets from their enemies. Only the very wealthy can afford to the infrastructure that would resolve these types of problems.

Well, never fear - Liberator Art Brand is here!

Liberator Art Brand art ownership can easily solve these problems. The art owner can sell his/her art to a foreign party or can choose to return his/her art from anywhere in the world. LAB art owner can also choose to get a loan (up to 75% of the purchased price).